Hi, I'm Rumi.

Rumi Kuraji 〜Fine art -painting



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There is showcase my artworks on this site. Let you see more artworks and each detail in the top right menu bar (if you use for mobile, tap the hamburger menu ) on the screen, or crick the yellow icon below on this page.  Newest is top of "gallery1" .


着物の帯を使った作品をまとめた special gallery を設置しました。ぜひご覧ください。


I made a new category page on my website as "special gallery". It is use Japanese Obi as a support for my artwork.

3/20~25まで表参道ヒルズ・同潤館2階のギャラリー同潤会にて開催いたしました個展super bloom〜満開日和〜は盛況のうちに無事終了いたしました。応援してくださった皆様、忙しいスケジュールの中で足をお運びくださった皆様、本当にありがとうございました。


Thank you for coming my solo exhibition. I'm so happy and also grateful for you from the bottom of my heart!


made-to-order work



I available make -to-order.Please contact to me if you have interest.

art for sale

『 百花蜜〜polyclonal honey〜 』




All of my artworks are available purchased except for "made-to-order" and "sold". Please contact me if you would like.




Instagram ID: @rumikuraji

Instagram ID: rumikuraji


( ID検索の場合は@rumikurajiです。)


I'm post my latest artworks in progress, doodle, and something new on Instagram.

Click the Insta icon on upper, you can see my latest works and more.

(Or search by my ID "@rumikuraji".)

please check it out!


Rumi Kuraji




Thank you for visiting my website.Here's introduction pages my artworks.

My primary theme of art is "bond", mostly inspired by nature, wild animals, and also the atmosphere of the city I visited.I'm trying to convey a variety of feelings and emotions through numerous colors.

I hope you will leisurely looking at my artworks.

                                                           Thanks a lot