KAZUYO'S COLLECTION having "DEAR ANIMAL ART" mini exhibition started from 24th NOV! My exhibit artwork is this two.

This time, it's all about animals work by Japanese artists.

If you're staying in Brisbane, please come and see and have a good time.

11月24日から来年1月まで、オーストラリア・ブリスベン市内のギャラリー "KAZUYO'S COLLECTION"にて、DEAR ANIMAL ARTのプレ展示会が始まりました。刊行記念展示会は別の会場で2024年10月8〜13日ですが、その前にもこちらで展示してくださっております。



Mayumi project released a new artbook "DEAR ANIMAL ART" on July for world wide.

The book is introducing 40 Japanese artists depicting the theme of "animal" in their work, including me. Pls check it out!!

It able to purchase on Amazon store.(Click the left photo, go to shopping page by Amazon. or search "Mayumi Nihei"on Amazon)


マユミインターナショナルというオーストラリア・ブリスベンの会社から7月に刊行されたDEAR ANIMAL ART という動物を描く日本人画家を特集した本にわたしも紹介してもらっています。

アートブックはAmazonで購入可能です。下の本の表紙の写真をクリックするか、Mayumi Niheiで検索して下さい。


Also will held the exhibition in Brisbane, Australia on 8th to 13th October 2024.

The venue is here.→ Latrobe Art Space

98 Latrobe terrace, Paddington, Brisbane QLD







My work is exhibited at the robby of Hotel Granbinario Tsuruga which was the grand opening in 1st September at the west exit of Tsuruga station in HOKURIKU. Tsuruga station of Fukui prefecture is the next gateway to the Hokuriku region in 2024 with extension of the HOKURIKU SHINKANSEN line between Kanazawa and Tsuruga.

I hope you visit to this city and staying the hotel, and see my works if you came to Japan.


This movie of below is stream from  the venue of an exhibition as "THE ENERGY of JAPAN in Paris"  held in last September.

You should check it out!


9月にパリ11区のギャラリーサテリットにて開催されたENERGY of JAPANの会場の様子をまとめた動画です。是非ご覧ください。



7 rue Francois-de-Neufchateau 75011 Paris

TEL. 01 43 79 80 20



Artistry studio Tokyo edition 2020
Artistry studio Tokyo edition 2020


アメリカの化粧品会社 Artistry studioのアーティストとのコラボレーションメイクアップシリーズの第4弾となるTokyo editionのパッケージイラストを担当しました。今春から全世各都市で順次発売です。


I've had collaboration with Artistry studio as makeup company of US.

There are the forth series of collaborate with artists of Artistry, the name is TOKYO edition. From this spring, it will be available for sale worldwide. 


 Artistry Studio Tokyo Edition 2020 packing